PolyDrop Doming System

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Polydrop is a highly versatile, low cost and easy to use doming system. This system not only allows your business to add durability and quality to your current products, but also gives the opportunity to change the nature of your products altogether and increase your profit margins.

It is suitable to be used with Name Badge, Decals & Stickers, Automotive Parts, Promotioal Items, Trophies & Corporate Awards, 3D Signage, Window Graphics, Interior & Exterior Signage, Membrane Switches, Heat Transfer T-Shirts, Jewellery Imitations and much much more…..

The Poly Drop System consists of a Non Toxic Polyurethane Liquid Resin, a Mixing Unit called the PolyMixer, a Dosing Unit (3 options available), and a Heating Unit.

The PolyDrop resin is a liquid polyurethane resin that cures crystal clear which will dent and rebound instead of scratching. There are various resins available with different levels of hardness depending on your application. The PolyDrop resin can also be cured at room temperature and is UV stable. With an 8 year exterior life the PolyDrop resin is manufactured to high automotive quality standards, and guaranteed not to fade or yellow even in extreme temperatures.

The Poly Drop resin has the option to add 10 vibrant colours to it, as well as 6 Pearly Glitter colours and a Marble colour effect giving your business even more versatility.

The PolyDrop dosing units, or PolyDosers, are available in both a manual and an automatic dispenser. This enables the operator to rapidly create polyurethane domed labels and decals in any shape and in various sizes. Precise control of air pressure, time and size of needles ensure consistent deposits, speeding up output, with high quality and reduced waste. These same features also make it much easy to calculate your doming costs more precisely.

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