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Life is unpredictable. LegalShield gives you the confidence of knowing whatever comes your way, someone is looking out for you. Whether its with affordable, prepaid legal service that puts a dedicated law firm on your side or identity theft protection with IDShield thats best in class. IDShield is the only identity theft protection company armed with a team of Kroll licensed private investigators on call to restore your identity With LegalShield and IDShield, youre always covered.

LegalShields 650 employees are dedicated to serving our more than 4 million users in the United States and Canada. Protect yourself and your family today.

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We love LegalShield. All we can say is, LegalShield is great for people who are in low and fixed income like us. Attorneys are very expensive and most people cannot afford it. LegalShield is a lifesaver.

We couldnt agree more! LegalShield is here to help our members worry less and live more. We greatly appreciate you and your kind words! Thank you!

I know this service guarantees an attorney returning my initial call within 8 hours as a consumer, 4 hours as a business owner and a document review within 3 days. Imagine my delight when I had a lease document review back within hours of my initial call and email of forms! Its amazing what all attorneys can do to simplify my life when I can seek their advice without first determining the financial importance outweighing the cost!

We are so glad to hear that you have had nothing but success when utilizing your membership! LegalShield provides a great peace of mind for our members and we thank you for the amazing review! We appreciate you and your time.

This is the easiest way to have an attorney 1 call away, no guessing or stressing and you have access to an entire network of paid legal providers. Lots of membership perks that cover the membership fee for years. You get discounts from 400 different national companies all from the convenience of your phone. Ask LegalShield requires no login and is free to download. You can find answers to questions like:

What is a living will? How much does it cost to file for bankruptcy? How do I obtain a death certificate? Will a revocable living trust avoid probate expenses? Are traffic violations civil or criminal matters? How can I collect money that is owed to me by my customers? Can I collect child support from an out-of-state parent?

Are subleases allowed? All these questions can be addressed by calling your attorney from your cell or home phone.

Thank you so much for your kind words, we couldnt agree more! Thank you for being a member! We appreciate you!

I have been a member of LegalShield for several years now. I called LegalShield in 2015 for the name of an attorney to represent me in a lawsuit against the owner of mobile home park that we live in. The park manager made me help her and her boyfriend trim a damn tree and I was injured trimming the tree. I did not want to help the park manager for several reasons one being the fact that she and her boyfriend had been drinking all day and continued to consume alcohol while we were working but I do not drink. Also the boyfriend had no clue how to trim a tree properly and he was cutting 20 to 25 foot branches off at the trunk of the tree instead of cutting them in smaller sections. I told them the tree was too big and they needed to call professional tree trimmers. I turned and started to walk away but the park manager grabbed my arm and threatened me so I was forced to help.

I was made to hold a nylon rope without gloves and I also did not have proper footwear on. I told the park manager needed gloves and better shoes but she would not let me go to my trailer and get the proper gear I needed to help her and her boyfriend trim the tree. I ended up with both of my feet broken. I called the main law group and was given the name of a law firm to use to sue the mobile home parks owner for my injuries.

The lawyer I used ended up throwing my case away basically. He decided not to tell the judge of Fulton County Ohio or the judges at the Appeals court that the two people who threatened me to force me to help them were drunk and continued to drink the whole time we were trimming this damn tree. He said it was not important neither was the fact that the Fulton County judge had been my father in laws divorce lawyer when he divorce my mother in law over 20 years ago and the attorney and my father in law did not part on good terms but my attorney said it was no issues that the judge kept moving my court date. The judge made me and the insurance company do the mediation thing which failed as we knew it would. The judge moved my court date again the same day the mediation failed. The attorney I was using kept telling me the judge was not bias though.

The park owner sold the trailer park right before the first meeting my lawyer had with the judge but again my lawyer did not do anything about it. So we ended up in the appeals court in Toledo Ohio and me and my husband sat in the courtroom and watched my attorney lose my case. If I had not known better I would have thought my attorney had never been in court in front of a judge before in his life. He did not act like an experienced attorney. He stammered and hesitated a lot. He did not have his paperwork in order. My lawyer did not use most of the information I gave him. He never questioned any of my witnesses or my husband. The only deposition that was taken was mine. Now the only thing left to do is go before the Supreme court and that costs $35,000 to $45,000 to do and I just do not have that kind of money.

My attorney also had us give the firm $2,500 to put into a trust for an expert witness but he took $900.00 of the money to get my medical records. I did not find out about it for quite some time afterwards. I called him and requested he return the money to us and that is when he told me what he had done. My case was very winnable had LegalShield referred me to a real attorney with ethics, a little skill and respect for the clients. I have a plate in my left foot and a screw in my right foot and one of my doctors had me on ** to stop smoking but she left me on ** for 8 months and I now have a pacemaker because the drug screwed up my heart.

Now I have to have the pacemaker for the rest of my life because my heart stops for short periods of time that were getting increasingly longer each time my heart stops. My heart stopped for 7 seconds then beat a few times then stopped for another 9 seconds which caused me to pass out and that is what caused the doctors to put in the pacemaker. But my attorney would not bring the heart issue up to the judges either. So basically LegalShield and their poor excuses for lawyers ruined my chance of EVER getting any kind of compensation for my injuries that have caused me so much pain and ruined my life. So I would never recommend LegalShield to anyone. This company has a great scam going on so PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THE LIES AND POOR EXCUSES FOR LAWYERS this company uses.

We sympathize with Mrs. Blevins situation and have looked into this matter extensively. The membership provides for access to an attorney who can assist with the legal matter at hand. If the member chooses to retain that attorney, it is at their discretion and choosing. We cannot, as no attorney or firm can, guarantee the outcome of any case.

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I tried logging in to IDShield with my ID membership number, birthday, name and address and it does not find my info. I cannot find my member ID for LegalShield though I get the email every week. I have been a member I think since 2015 Maybe longer. I pay autodraft every month and have for years. Why is my IDShield number not recognized? I got if off an update letter from yall. I just wanted to find out my LegalShield membership number, now I want to know why none of my info is recognized.

LegalShield and IDShield have separate websites that require a specific membership number for each site. LegalShield offers technical support for both of the websites, which can be provided by calling during normal business hours of 7-7 CST Monday-Friday. We hate to hear you were having trouble logging into one of the websites and we would love the chance to properly assist you!

My husband signed up for legal shield thru work. Filled out the package and application and approx 2 weeks later we received a package in the mail with our account information. Imagine our surprise when we opened the package to find that we had been linked to an old account (opened without his knowledge) with his ex wife as the prime contact and listed as spouse.

This is a woman that has been guilty of identity theft herself and we have spent years and large amount of money to get away from legally and here a company that was supposed to do just that linked us back up! I can only how she didnt log onto the account in the time it took to close the account down. I am shocked this could happen from a company selling identity protection! When asked if there was not a policy to confirm with someone when their social was linked to an account with different information (address/spouse/phone numbers/employer absolutely everything was different) the response we received was no why would we do that?

LegalShield wont allow for written communications, its all verbal, all smoke and mirrors. I was told they dont issue written communications due to liability reasons. If they are issuing advice, written communications is exactly what I need, not verbal communication that can be skewed. I am going to cancel my service.

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and would love the opportunity to fully look into this matter for you! We would just need your permission for the LegalShield Corporate Office and your Provider Law Firm to be in contact with you in regards to getting this resolved. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we are willing to do what we can to ensure you are being taken care of properly. Thank you!

They said that its clearly stated on thier website, which when i was looking for it it said call and nothing more. They said it is in the contract… which 90% dont read…. so oh well. Im suprised at getting a response so ill update it for that reason. Also i have not had any more attempts of payment from my card.

Im giving 2 stars because of the difficulty of cancelling. You have to call then they talk about all the benefits youll lose and this and that when all you want to do is cancel. After 5-10 min of a rep trying to talk you out of cancelling you are transferred to an automatic cancellation line Which just tells you, they wont cancel without written consent. Which you can send in via email, fax, or mail. This is ridiculous. Its clear that this long and drawn out process is purposeful in an attempt and making you just simply give up and keep the service. You cant just cancel. Its impossible. And even after emailing, there is no automatic cancelling. You have to wait, meanwhile your card can still be charged.

LegalShields cancellation policy is stated on our website as well as in the benefits contract that is sent to each member, clearly explaining a written notice is needed to properly cancel a plan. Upon calling in to request cancellation a member is explained what services they will be giving up, as many members are not aware of the many benefits they have available to them. Once LegalShield is notified of a member wanting to cancel, a billing hold is placed on the membership to provide enough time for a written notice to be received and then a membership will fully cancel once that written request is confirmed.

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I was a member and sales rep for Pre-paid Legal and when I got hurt and needed their help they told me they could not help me. Only if Im being sued can they help me. I told him thats why I have property insurance so why would I need Legal Shield. Anyway I went to use them and they wanted to charge me outrageous fees. This company is nothing more than a scam and everybody should be concern especially the dopes that they have out there selling this crap!

As a member of LegalShield, formerly doing business as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., trial defense benefits are available if you are the named defendant in a civil suit. If you are the Plaintiff, there are benefits available depending on the details of your case which can include consultation, document review, and the preferred member discount. This information is made available in the benefits contract that is sent to each member and at

This company takes advantage of people who dont have enough money to get by. I signed up to sell LegalShield because someone took advantage of my financial position, made me trust her, and led me to believe the service could sell itself. Before my first month was up I had reached out to my family, I had my parents reach out to friends, and I even went as far as to ask my friends if theyd share some info with their parents. They all said the same thing: that sounds unnecessary. And theyre right: this company has families buy into a service at about $50/month for 12 months a year. Unless you are constantly getting in trouble with the law, $600 yearly legal fees for NOTHING if you end up not needing an attorney is ABSURD.

With about 11 days left in what I THOUGHT was a 30 day trial in a $249 investment in marketing services the company offers associates, I contacted them about backing out. At this point, they informed me that there was only a 5 day trial for me to get any money back. I feel deceived, misled, and taken advantage of this company. Shame on them. Do not become an associate if you think you can make a dime by just sharing info with friends and family! (The truth is they want you to spend MORE to be certified to present & sell to small businesses). Scam artists at their finest, they know that associates like me do not have the time or money to file a class action lawsuit.

When a prospect elects to sign up to become a LegalShield Associate, there are initial fees outlined in the agreement and explained to the prospect. There is a 5-day refund policy which allows the new associate to review the information and if they determine this is not a business they would like to pursue, then it can be refunded in full. Currently, there is not a 30-day trial offer when becoming a LegalShield Associate.

Checking my credit card statement and found two charges of $99.00 and $9.95 from LegalShield, a company I had never done any business and never even heard of. Called the company, explain to a representative of what happen. He asked for my credit card number to look up the charges, which he found, apparently someone I never heard of used my CC information to purchase services from LegalShield. I told the representative that I did not know this person. I did not authorize these charges. The rep told me to file a police report and call the bank, but they were going to charge my card anyway. I called my bank and cancelled the CC, and Im disputing the charges. This all happen today, so I will see what happens. I would stay clear of this company, seems like a scam.

We will certainly look into this matter and refund any monies taken without your authorization. When LegalShield receives an application to become a member and/or to become a selling Associate, we process the application as requested. We are a legitimate and respectable company who has been doing business for 45 years and certainly not a scam of any sorts.

I clearly asked the associate selling me the product what is the refund policy. He said 30 days trial period. I called two weeks into signing up, and LegalShield say starting April 1st, it is 5 days cancellation policy. Huge scam.

When in need of legal service Legal Shield ALWAYS denies to represent me saying its not covered. The last instance is I have been refused representation for a speeding ticket I received. Im beginning to wonder what is actually covered and what Im paying for!! However they do give me the option to obtain representation at a discount.

LegalShield views its members as the companys most important asset. So when youre not happy with the service you received, we want to know. Please visit us on to leave us your feedback. We will look into your concern and reach out in a timely fashion to ensure satisfaction.

LegalShield assigned a law provider to us for a consultation for a tenant/landlord dispute. We vacated our four year rental home on the false pretenses that the landlady wanted to move in. She rented the property within two weeks of our departure. The greedy landlady also retained our $1200 security deposit. We left the house in pristine condition, had the premises move-out detailed cleaned by a team. We took 32 photos of every room and appliance to proved the condition. There were no damages or breakages. The case was handed to an attorney who mishandled the trial prep from the start and was subsequently fired after incompetent work and the complaints of multiple unhappy clients, What we were told appeared to be a straightforward case, we paid the $2300 represented as the fee for 10 hours work. We were led to believe that there would be no further charges.

We lost the case (however we prevailed meaning the Judge ruled in our favor but cut the refund). We were also granted all reasonable attorneys fees. And only received $86 from our security deposit after our LegalShield providers attorney dismissed a vital witness (an realtor agent) who was subpoenaed and appeared in Broward County Court (FL) to provide testimony. Now there were a further three lawyers assigned to our simple case who were in turn either fired or resigned. The Defendant hired an attorney even though we offered to surrender the complete deposit to her. This being the reason we sought help from LegalShield.

Now the assigned Law firm (not prepared to state the name for obvious reasons) is saying we owe a further $6900. This is simply daylight robbery. This is unacceptable the creative. My wife and I are both Senior citizens who have never been sued and this fight of our security deposit to be rightfully returned is our very first lawsuit. We believe strongly to do no harm to anyone but feel the compulsion to seek legal assistance for Justice to prevail. Now we have been slammed by the LegalShield Law firm who has retained all of the downpayment and installments of our legal fees (they are saying this is to cover their balance.) This is not right!!! We have been doubly wronged.

Please someone take action to have this situation rectified. We low income family struggling to make it from month to month, as are many other families out there. We would like to have someone please look into this matter and transmit this Consumer complaint to LegalShield. We have now discontinued our membership and only had only other minor matter involving a letter sent on our behalf to recover a check issued to us without funds. Thank you.

I am a LegalShield member, I greatly enjoy my membership, it is very helpful if you know how to utilize it. Its not a magical fix all overnight solution, which is what Im assuming most people think when they purchased their memberships. Its not free, no lawyer is just going to represent you for nothing but it clearly states in the sign up process that members are guaranteed a 25% preferred member discount from the lawyers theyre referred to, you still have to spend out of pocket money for legal representation.

However if you need letters written or documents reviewed, a living will or power of attorney those are free under the membership. Pre-existing legal matters like unpaid parking tickets, divorce, child custody etc. Pretty much anything that requires a lawyer to physically be present in court would fall under the 25% discount benefit. Though you will still be paying significantly for legal representation -as would anyone needing legal representation- youre paying less for any of these matters than you would be without the help of LegalShield.

I purchased my membership out of New York and I have to say in the 4 months Ive had my LegalShield membership Ive have gotten loads of significant advice from the law firm out of New York, and as a father being able to get my last will and testament done for free thanks to my membership as to where if I were to have one done up by some random lawyer it would cost me upward of 100s-1000s of dollars is just awesome! Having them write letters on your behalf to get collections agencies etc to stop harassing you, even more powerful. Get the membership, learn how to utilize it properly and I promise you wont be let down! Legal matters dont get better overnight and nobody is going to represent you for free other than public defenders or conflict defenders. LegalShield provides quality law firms and yes you are going to have to pay money but its a lot less than what youd pay without the membership! Be smart. Use your heads my dear people! 🙂

Thank you so much for your kind words and we are so glad to hear that you have received great assistance with your legal matters! We greatly appreciate you being a member of LegalShield!

The first lawyer I was assigned, Mark ** of Rockford could not read the documents I gave him. The second lawyer assigned was Frank ** of Batavia who had me drive 60 miles to tell me he would not drive that far to represent me. The third lawyer I was assigned, Steven ** of Skokie has some serious negative reviews concerning his lack of honesty by former clients. I was able to talk briefly with him twice. I emailed him all the court documents he needed. After that, many messages I left with him was a waste of time. We had an agreement that I would call him March 2, 2018. I called him twice that evening. He ignored me. LegalShields law firm, Shimanovsky & Moscardini, Ltd. refers you to a lawyer they dont screen, obviously.

LegalShield views its members as the companys most important asset. So when youre not happy with the service you received, we want to know. We are not showing a concern has been filed on this matter, meaning we were not made aware of this members issue. Please visit to leave us your feedback. We will look into your concern and reach out in a timely fashion to ensure satisfaction.

Have been a member since 1985 and have been happy with every situation the attorneys handled. It was quick, and resolved. We were able to save thousands of dollars because of the membership on one situation alone. Would NEVER be without it. Thank you LegalShield!!

We are so happy to hear about your satisfaction with our service! Thank you for being a member all these years! We greatly appreciate you!

Ive had LegalShield for 7 years. I have always thought they were amazing. Until today. I called LegalShield for an extremely important matter yesterday, 02/15/18, and they told me a lawyer would be in touch with me between 1-8 hours. That normally happens. However, no lawyer EVER called. So today, 02/16/18, I called LegalShield 5 times to speak to this attorney, Michelle (I only know her name because the receptionist said it), and the receptionist tells me shes always on the phone. So now its after 5, on a Friday, and a lawyer has never called me, not once. This is the first time LegalShield has ever done this to us, but its enough!! This legal matter were dealing with is important and them ** around is costing us time. Weve paid for this membership for 7 years, and now when we need them they suck!!!

LegalShield views its members as the companys most important asset. So when youre not happy with the service you received, we want to know. Please visit to leave us your feedback. We will look into your concern and reach out in a timely fashion to ensure satisfaction. Please keep in mind that to preserve confidentiality, communication will be made only with the affected member.

This membership is amazing! Once I realize that attorneys dont magically fix the situation things got a lot better. My expectations at first was they were going to fix everything then after speaking with the person who sold me the plan I completely understand what the membership is and how to use it. I love it.

Travon, we are so glad to hear that you are enjoying your membership! LegalShield is a great service to have should you ever need assistance, thank you for being a member!

I have had my membership for 4 years now and it has always been a great support for me and my family in regards to have our rights protected. Two years ago my apartment complex tried to kick me out for an ad I didnt post on Airbnb, but when I called my provider law firm and explained the situation. I was given a 3 days notice to leave the apartment but instead I received an excuse letter from the administration management for the mistake.

Rene, we are so happy to hear that your matter was taken care of with full satisfaction! Thank you for taking the time to let us know how you have benefited from your membership!

Every time Im given the opportunity to utilize these services, I am truly astonished at the professionalism and quick turn around I receive. As soon as I became a member of LegalShield and contacted my Provider Law Firm, I knew I had to let my good friends and family know about LegalShield!

We are so glad to hear that you have received nothing but the best service and couldnt agree with you more. Thank you for being a member of LegalShield!

One of their associates apparently submitted an application for Legal Shield using my payment information. My debit card has been fully in my possession. I had never heard of this company before checking my bank statement this morning. Apparently I paid for some random mans account, a mans name Ive never heard of before. I told them that this was NOT an authorized charge, provided a front side copy of my VISA debit card showing the card number was mine (not this strange mans), and a copy of my bank statement showing the charges. I was charged $99 for what I assume after researching, an account for him to sell Legal Shield. Ive filed a police report, identity theft report, and my bank is investigating. LegalShield on the other hand is not cooperating. They want additional proof from me that the debit card is in fact mine. Im not sure what more I can prove to them without further violating my own privacy.

Im also not sure what I would gain from trying to have another persons card refunded. I also find it interesting how they are demanding so much from me to refund a service I never purchased, yet clearly didnt require any type of verification before charging my card. They will not confirm to me that the account opened using my payment information has been or will be closed. They refuse to provide any information on the application I paid for. Ive also asked several times for them to provide information to the police and they will not do that either.

So now I am out $99 until my bank finishes their investigation. There is apparently an Associate of LegalShield who has my debit card information, and possibly more information of mine which is extremely concerning, and LegalShield wont confirm that this account is closed or that any action will be taken. They say to work in legal services, including identity theft protection, yet their Associates are opening accounts and registering as Legal Shield representatives by using stolen debit card information. LegalShield takes no responsibility for this, does not investigate further, does not contact authorities, and will not refund the fraudulent charges to the rightful debit card owner.

As a company, LegalShield takes any indication of fraud very seriously. We launch full investigations using every resource available to us so that we may properly resolve the matter. If funds are received by way of a fraudulent action, we will provide the appropriate refund once we have confirmation of the transactions and are able to identify the parties involved.

I was using the internet to search for a way to find assistance with completing a very simple legal document (a title of transfer) out of state. I stumbled on a site that lead me to a LegalShield salesman who swore to me that the purchase of a membership would result in the completion of everything I needed done without further cost. I let myself be talked into it but very soon found that the purchase of a membershi