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Scrabble Help advice software is found on Scrabble websites and other word game sites across the Internet. Scrabble Helper word finders give stumped players ideas for words to play.

Scrabble Helper is a software tool which gives Scrabble help with word ideas when playing SCRABBLE. Scrabble Helper software is found on many Scrabble online websites, as well as many of the newer Internet Scrabble variants.

SCRABBLE Helper helps players while playing Scrabble.

Letters from your rack are placed into the system. You can also place letters where you might be able to play your words.

In this particular instance, you place letters into a begin box if you are considering a play off those letters. You can do the same with letters which are commonly used to end a word, by placing them in the end box.

Finally, letters which can be used anywhere in the rack of letters are added into the any box. The software then searches the board using these parameters for matching word combinations.

Scrabble Helper can also be used to play the popular word game, Literati. This is an advantage to buy Scrabble Help software, if you are a SCRABBLE player who enjoys playing other word games, too.

For example, I went to a prominent Scrabble Helper website and used their free Scrabble help software. I chose at random the letters T-G-O-S-A-F-K and set wide parameters for the words I could play.

The software found 127 words that these letters could build in Scrabble. The Scrabble Help software gave me 25 words per page, with the following list being the top 25 offered according to the points each would win me.

This particular Scrabble Help software used a Scrabble Dictionary before OSD 3 or OSD 4, because some of the words are what many would consider offensive. I took the total of words retrieved from 25 to 20, in an attempt to bowderlize the list. I dont want to offend anyone and I dont want people coming to this site by placing words like that in a search engine along with Scrabble.

That being said, you get the point. Scrabble players looking for help put their letters into the Scrabble Helper software tool, and the next thing you know, dozens of words you might be able to use are listed.

Youll see that the words assume all manner of letter stems you might be playing from. In an online scrabble game, often using 5 minute or at most 10 minute player timers, finding the best word to play still becomes a bit of a process. Scrabble Helper helps, but it doesnt play the game for you.

Many Scrabble purists dislike the use of a Scrabble Helper. Help Scrabble is a twisting of the SCRABBLE concept, because a person wants to play against a live opponent, not a computer.

I personally dont like using Scrabble Help software. Whats the fun in playing a game if youre going to have a computer telling you which moves to play. It somewhat reduces the game to the level of a child with an overbearing or over-helpful parent who offers advice on words.

This website is intended for information and entertainment purposes only. We are in no way affiliated with the SCRABBLE® brand and registered trademark. These intellectual property rights belong to Hasbro, Inc. in which we are not affiliated.

A2z Word

A2z Wordfinder for the Scrabble (R) Game

is a free online Scrabble (R) dictionary, Jamble helper, Literati

word finder and WordOx word generator. It helps find highest score words for Scrabble (R) word games or puzzles in various languages and dictionary sources. Perform lookup searches using the Find Word buttons in the sections below with results returned in the center instructions area.

Its easy- try some examples below, then replace the initial letters with your own to use the wordfinder. Visit the title links for even more detailed options. This wordfinder is meant to help build your vocabulary against practice robots such as those

rather than as a cheat. Please inform your opponent before using it live, or else risk being identified as one who cheats. One of the best sites is m.


Thanks for the interest in this game! Its not done yet, its just a demo, but email me and Ill let you know when its ready:

Spell words from the tiles to gain points. 75 tiles drop every game, reload orclick hereto play a new game.

Your point multiplier increases by spelling consecutive words correctly. Your multiplier resets if you drop a piece or spell an incorrect word.

You get more points for spelling longers words. You get a bonus for having no tiles left at the end.

100 Seven Letter Words

If youre interested in that elusive 50 bonus points, its time to start learning seven letter words. So on this page Ive put together the most important

Now, why are these particular words so important? Because the words Ive included in this list are themost likely sevensto be drawn from a standard set of Scrabble tiles. If you learn these words (and practice anagramming them!), you will be amazed how often youll be adding 50 magic points to your Scrabble score…

Before I show you the list though, I have to clarify something that can be a bit confusing…

All the words you see in this list can be found inCollins Official Scrabble Dictionary, which is the official Scrabble dictionary endorsed by theWorld English Scrabble Players Association(WESPA). This is not, however, the official dictionary used in North American Scrabble – here you use theOfficial Scrabble Players Dictionary.

To help accommodate all players I have color-coded the words appearing with their definitions down below this word list. Words colored blue, are not accepted in North American Scrabble. The other words are playable everywhere. I hope that isnt too confusing.

Oops! There I go again. Rambling on about conventions and whatnots, while youre yelling Less TALK, more WORDS!!. Ok, ok, here they are now…

Ive split the words up into two blocks of 50 to make them a bit more digestible. In case youre wondering why the ordering of these words is not alphabetical, I have placed them in decreasing order of probability so that youre always learning the most useful words first.

As a side benefit, it turns out that anagrams, likeELATIONandTOENAIL, appear together. This is because anagrams are made up of the same letters, and therefore have the same likelihood of being randomly drawn from a bag of tiles.

And just in case you found that list a bit too easy, here are the next 50 down the list…

Since creating this page several years ago, the official Scrabble word list has changed, and the lists you see here are not 100% correct.

The good news is, Ive now createda completely up-to-date list, not only of the top 100 seven letter words, butof the top 500 seven letter words! Ive formatted them all in a really easy-to-study way that readers are loving.

Just click the picture below and get the eBook as a downloadable pdf…

You cant wait to play some of these gems against your favorite Scrabble-rival, right?

But youre also wondering what to say if they ask the dreaded question…

Here are the top seven letter words again, this time in alphabetical order, with brief definitions. Also, as I promised at the start, Ive highlighted inBLUEthe words that are not valid Scrabble words in North America.

In other words, if youre from North America, DO NOT play the blue seven letter words – the others are fine. Everybody else, learn and play all of them ­čśë

If your opponent has the audacity to demand to know what your brilliant bonus word means, simply recite the brief definition provided below. And make sure you do so with a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders that suggests you could tell them more if you wanted to, but youre way too busy right now…

ACONITEa poisonous herb, also ACONITUM [n -S]ADONISEto adorn (oneself), also ADONIZE [v ADONISED, ADONISING, ADONISES]AEOLIANpertaining to the wind [adj]AERIESTAERY, airy, also EYRIE, AERIE, AIERY, AYRIE [adj]AGONIESAGONY, extreme suffering [n]AGONISEto suffer agony, also AGONIZE [v AGONISED, AGONISING, AGONISES]AILERONa balancing flap on a aeroplane [n -S]ALERIONin heraldry, an eagle displayed without feet or beak, also ALLERION [n -S]ALIENERone that transfers property [n -S]ALIENORone who transfers property [n -S]AMNIOTEa vertebrate that develops an amnion during the embryonic stage [n -S]ANEROIDa type of barometer [n -S]ANESTRIANESTRUS, a period of sexual dormancy, also ANOESTRUS [n]ANISOLEa chemical compound [n -S]ANOETICfeeling without understanding [adj]ANODISEto give a protective coat, also ANODIZE [v ANODISED, ANODISES, ANODISING]ANTIREDopposed to communism [adj]ANTSIERANTSY, fidgety [adj]ARENITErock composed of sand grains [n -S]ARENOSEsandy, also ARENOUS [adj]ATELIERan artists studio [n -S]ATONERSATONER, one who atones (to make amends) [n]ATONIESATONY, muscular debility, also ATONIA [n]DARIOLEa shell of pastry [n -S]DETRAINto alight from a train [v -ED, -ING, -S]ELATIONa feeling of great joy [n -S]ELOINERone who eloins, also ELOIGNER [n -S]ENATIONan outgrowth [n -S]ENTRAILto interlace [v -ED, -ING, -S]ERASIONthe act of rubbing out [n -S]EROTICAsexual literature [n]EROTISEto give a sexual meaning to, also EROTIZE [v EROTISED, EROTISING, EROTISES]ETAERIOan aggregated fruit like a blackberry [n -S]SUBSCRIBE TO WORD BUFFETESIANan annually recurring wind [n -S]GENITORa male parent [n -S]GOATIERGOATY, like a goat [adj]GODETIAa plant [n -S]GRANITEa type of rock [n -S]GRATINEcovered with a crust [adj]INERTIAthe tendency of a body to resist acceleration [n INERTIAS or INERTIAE]INGRATEan ungrateful person [n -S]IODATESIODATE, to treat with iodine, also IODINATE [v]ISOLATEto set apart from others [v ISOLATED, ISOLATING, ISOLATES]LATRINEa type of toilet [n -S]LINEATEmarked with lines, also LINEATED [adj]MORAINEan accumulation of debris deposited by a glacier [n -S]NASTIERNASTY, ill-natured [adj]NEGATORone that negates, also NEGATER [n -S]NIOBATEa salt of niobium [n -S]NORITESNORITE, a granular rock [n]OARIESTOARY, like oars [adj]OESTRINa female sex hormone also ESTRIOL, OESTRIOL, ESTRIN, ESTROGEN, OESTROGEN, ESTRONE, OESTRONE, THEELIN, THEELOL [n -S]OLEARIAan Australian daisy-tree [n -S]ORDINEEone that is being ordained [n -S]ORIENTSORIENT, to acquaint with details of a situation [v]ORIGANEmarjoram, also ORIGAN [n -S]OTARIESOTARY, a big-eared seal [n]OTARINEpertaining to otaries (a big-eared seal) [adj]OUTEARNto surpass in earning [v -ED, -ING, -S]RATINESRATINE, a heavy fabric [n]RATLINEone of the ropes forming the steps of a ladder on a ship, also RATLIN, RATLING, RATTLIN, RATTLINE [n -S]REALTIEhonesty (the quality of being honest) [n -S]RELIANTshowing reliance [adj]RESIANTa residence, also RESIANCE [n -S]RETAINSRETAIN, to keep possession of [v]RETINAERETINA, a membrane of the eye [n]RETINALa pigment in the retina, also RETINENE [n -S]RETINASRETINA, a membrane of the eye [n]RETINOLa liquid hydrocarbon [n -S]RETSINAa resin-flavoured Greek wine [n -S]ROADIESROADIE, a person who works for travelling entertainers [n]ROMAINEa variety of lettuce [n -S]ROSEATErose-coloured [adj]ROUTINEa regular course of procedure [n -S]RUINATEto destroy [v RUINATED, RUINATING, RUINATES]SANTEROa priest of santeria [n -S]SENATORa member of a senate [n -S]SERIATEto put in a series [v SERIATED, SERIATING, SERIATES]SODAINEsudden [adj]SOREDIASOREDIUM, a reproductive body in lichens [n]STAINERthat which stains [n -S]STARNIEa star [n -S]STEARINthe solid portion of a fat, also STEARINE [n -S]STONIERSTONY, abounding in small rocks, also STONEY [adj]TAENIAETAENIA, a headband worn in ancient Greece [n]TANGIERTANGY, pungent (sharply affecting the organs of taste or smell) [adj]TAURINEa chemical compound [n -S]TEARINGTEAR, to shed a drop of saline liquid from the eyes [v]TERSIONwiping [n -S]TOADIESTOADY, to fawn on or flatter [v]TOENAILto fasten with obliquely driven nails [v -ED, -ING, -S]TORNADEa thunderstorm [n -S]TRAINEDTRAIN, to instruct systematically [v]TRAINEEone who receives training [n -S]TREASONbetraying of ones country [n -S]TRENAILa wooden peg used to fasten timber, also TREENAIL, TRUNNEL [n -S]TRIONESthe seven stars of the Plough [n]TROELIEa leaf of the bussu palm, also TROELY, TROOLIE [n -S]URANITEa mineral [n -S]URINATEto discharge urine [v URINATED, URINATING, URINATES]

Learning obscure seven letter Scrabble words is always fun because of the 50 bonus points you know youll get when you play one. Not to mention the priceless look on your opponents face ­čśë

But the real bang-for-your-buck comes in learning the short Scrabble words.

I explain why in the introduction to my free mini-Scrabble dictionary, which contains a nicely formatted list of every short word allowed in Scrabble!

Just click the image to download a free copy right now…

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

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Are you hiding in the washroom, desperately trying to find a solution to your Scrabble® game with your friends? Our Scrabble® Word Finder is the best tool on the internet and easy to use. Just enter your letters and get the best words to win your game! Scrabble® Cheat

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Searching Words with Word Search – A Review

Word Search is an auto-generated application that can be enjoyed on Android devices. There is so much variety on this word game that when you start playing, you will find that you can be enthralled for hours. It is simple and easy to understand for both adults and children. Quicken your thinking and build up your vocabulary. read more

Looking for a crossword game that will give you an out of this world experience? Then you need to try out CodyCross, the word game that promises a new concept when it comes to Word Puzzles. It revolves around an alien that has crash landed on the earth and he needs your help to explore this world. He discovers all the worlds mysteries by solving puzzles. read more

Wordscapes in Bloom is a game that is surely explosive and enjoyable, though not in a dangerous way. As you make words, or move from one level to the next, beautiful blooms explode all around you. This game has been created by People Fun and is an amazing game to play on an Android or iPhone device. It will help sharpen your deduction skills and elevate your learning more than other games out there. read more

Crosswords With Friends is a daily crossword puzzle that is created for the ultra modern crossword lover. This fresh app will test your brain power each day, and help you think faster and sharper. Download this game from Zynga the developer of Words With Friends and enjoy a free crossword puzzle to kick off each day. Read all about Crosswords With Friends in our Review on . read more

Word Crossy is one of the most popular crossword games you can play. Over 100.000 people rated Word Crossy five stars in the app market. We take a look in the game and show you how to play. read more

Word Crossy is one of the most popular crossword games you can play. Over 100.000 people rated Word Crossy five stars in the app market. We take a look in the game and show you how to play.

for Scrabble

tools and articles for letters and words

WordGrabber┬╗Word Generators┬╗Scrabble Word Finder

Maximize your score with our Scrabble Cheat. Try it out now!

pattern(optional)ÔťĽup to 15 charactersHelp

Enter with your keyboard or by clicking the lines.

Last included patterns. Click to use them.

Are you hiding in the washroom, desperately trying to find a solution to a Scrabble game with your friends?

Did you brag about your epic Scrabble skills and now you are losing both the game and your dignity?

Our tool is the best Scrabble Word Finder on the internet. Not only will we help you stay discreet while looking smart, but our helper is easy to use and intuitive. All you need to do is just input the letters in for the juiciest solutions.

To use this tool, type in the letters that you have into the form above. It will then reveal the best words possible from the provided letters.

Our cheat covers specific scenarios that will happen in the middle of a game, but it also features different dictionaries and word lists thatll adhere to Scrabbles rules. Thatll silence the people that argue about how your answer doesnt look like a word.

It is also a really fun game. Remember those times when you used to compete in spelling bees as a kid? Or those times when all those online word games were so popular that people were sending game requests instead of saying hi? They were fun, right? Crazily competitive, but fun.

Theres also something cool about bragging how big your vocabulary is. Theres no bigger honor than winning a Scrabble game when it comes to that.

Barack Obama regularly playsScrabble with his familyto win bragging rights within the household. If the former president uses Scrabble to earn bragging rights, it just goes to show how much respect winning a Scrabble game gets you. Theres nothing more seductive than winning it in Scrabble.

But in case you are really wondering, here are some of the reasons why people start considering using a Scrabble word generator or a Scrabble helper:

They are fed up with losing. Losing your fifth game in a row is seriously not fun!

They realized someone else might be cheating and decided to make the game fair again. After all, if your opponent is getting some extra help, why not you as well?

They just couldnt save themselves from the worst rack you could ever get on Scrabble. They just want a little help, and theyll go on to win the rest of the game with their natural skills.

Pic 1: A rack with different letters: Which words are possible?

Dont worry. Regardless of the reason, Scrabble Word Finder is here for you.

You could subtly check your phone, pretend to be typing a message to your mom. No one will know better as you are quickly inputting your letters into our Scrabble Word Finder.

Suddenly, the game is in your favor again. You swipe the window close and put your phone away. You have the competitive edge back.

Alternatively, using our Scrabble Word Finder is a great way to learn new words and figuring out how to be strategic in the game.

Yes, Scrabble has strategies! Not only is it essential to know the words, but it is also important to plan your moves.

The legitimate way of learning the game would be to buy anofficial Scrabble dictionaryand hardcore memorizing it. Or you could even just remember the20 most essential wordsin playing Scrabble to start.

But who has the time for that? Most importantly, how is that fun? You learn faster by playing the game, and youll likely enjoy it more too!

If you dont want to be sweating bullets about secretly cheating in a game with friends, you could talk to them about allowing access to our Scrabble Word Finder as a tool.

By allowing Scrabble helpers and assistants, it can make the game more exciting because it will suddenly turn extremely strategic. You quickly learn that words with the highest score value wont always win you the game.

It is also a great way to introduce newcomers to the game without making them feel extremely self-conscious about their vocabulary. By giving them a tool that can search words up, theyll be able to be creative with their moves instead of focusing on what words they know.

Next time your friends pull out Scrabble, try playing this variation of the game and quickly realize how cutthroat and exciting Scrabble really can be!

Scrabble has along history behindit Mattel and Hasbro licensed it. Named LEXIKO initially, it was invented by Alfred Mosher Butts, an architect that was out of work during the Great Depression.

Unfortunately, this version of the game was rejected time and time again by different toy and board game manufacturers. No one wanted it. The iconic game board of Scrabble didnt even exist then!

LEXIKO looked like it was doomed to failure. That was until Butts met James Brunot, an entrepreneur that loved board games.

They tested the game out and refined the rules and designs of it. With Brunots help, Butts was able to create the addictive word-centered board game that we now love today. They also then changed the name from LEXIKO to Scrabble.

Even then, it wasnt an instant bullseye. While Scrabble slowly gained popularity, it wasnt until the early 1950s when Macys (yes, the Macys that still exists today!) discovered the game. Once the renowned department store featured the game, Scrabbles popularity skyrocketed.

Thats how Scrabble came to be the classic game that we have come to love.

In this classic word-based game, players draw seven tiles from a bag filled with extra tiles. These tiles also called letters in the game, and they are used to form words on the game board.

Each letter has a different value assigned to it. The harder it is to use the letter, the more points they usually have. Letters with higher points are also rarer. For example, E has existing 12 tiles, while theres only 1 Q tile for every game. You could see how many points each letter have below:

D: 2E: 1F: 4G: 2H: 4I: 1J: 8K: 5L: 1M: 3N: 1O: 1P: 3Q: 10R: 1S: 1T: 1U: 1V: 4W: 4X: 8

The board also has bonus squares, and they come in all sort of variations. There are bonus squares thatll double or even triple the score of the letter or word! The first player to use these squares gets the bonus. This means that going for the most complicated word might not always yield victory if you want to be the best Scrabble player!

For inspiration, here are a few moves that a player can take during their turn. Any combinations of these moves are also allowed:

Adding one or more letters to an existing word. For example: [ANGST]Y, [FAKE]RS, UN[INTERESTED].

Extending a word and playing perpendicular to the current word on the board. For example, playing UNDER by hooking it to the U from UNINTERESTED.

Playing parallel to an existing word to form several short words. For example, playing CON under JACK to form [J]O and [A]N at the same time.

There are also a few ways to end a Scrabble game:

One of the players have played every single tile on their rack, and there are no more extra tiles in the bag.

At least six scoreless turns have occurred between the players, and the players themselves have agreed to end the game.

Once the game has ended, each players score is reduced by the scores of the unplayed letters. The player with the highest total score wins the game!

If you enjoy Scrabble, you might also enjoy other mobile word-based games,check out our reviewson whats the hottest games right now! We also havea lot of tipson how to dominate those word games!

Did you check out the Scrabble app? Check out what we think aboutplaying Scrabble online!

Weve also interviewed the man behind the Facebook Scrabble League. Listen tohis thoughts about creating the FSL softwareand how his love for Scrabble inspired him.

*Legal notice:ÔÇĘScrabble┬« is a registered trademark. All intellectual property rights to the game are owned in the U.S.A and Canada by Hasbro Inc., and throughout the rest of the world by J.W. Spear & Sons Limited of Maidenhead, Berkshire, England, a subsidiary of Mattel Inc. Mattel and Spear are not affiliated with Hasbro. Scrabble┬« Helper is not affiliated with any of these companies.

Wordscapes is a lovely letter-based wordgame for Android and iOS by PeopleFun, and its as addictive as it is easy to play.

Searching Words with Word Search A Review

Surge into the Stratosphere with CodyCross

Power your Day with Crosswords With Friends

Word Helper

Ihate spam as much as you do. Ill only send you useful information and you canunsubscribeat any time.Enter the tiles on your rack (use ? for blanks)Enter all the letters you have on your rack here.

If you have any blank tiles enter a ?

(Optional) An existing word to attach toYou can enter a word thats already on the board. Well try to find words that can be played alongside the word, or crossing the word, or a longer word made by extending the existing word.

Or if there is a gap between words on the board that you want to fill you can enter the letters already on the board, with ? for any spaces you want to fill. For example G??T might find GIFT, or YOGURT, or GRATIFY.

You can leave this box empty if you dont need it.

Its important to select the correct dictionary or we might suggest words that arent valid in your game.

Also we show you what each word would score but we need to know which game you are playing as each game has a different scoring system.

ForWords With Friends, the game defaults to theUS Englishdictionary, unless you select theUK Englishoption before you start your game.

ForLexulous, the game defaults to theUS Englishdictionary, unless you select theUK Englishoption before you start your game.

USA 2014 Tournamentis the official dictionary used in tournaments in the USA, and an option for the official online Scrabble game (OTCWL/TWL/OWL 2014).

USA 2014 Merriam-Websteris based on the 2014 USA tournament dictionary but censored to remove offensive words. It is sometimes called the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, and is an option for the official online Scrabble game (OSPD 5).

USA 2006 Tournamentis an official dictionary that used to be used in tournaments in the USA, and may be used in older Scrabble games (OTCWL/TWL/OWL 2006).

USA 2006 Merriam-Websteris based on the 2006 USA tournament dictionary but censored to remove offensive words. It is sometimes called the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, and may be an option for older Scrabble games (OSPD 4).

International 2015 Tournamentis the official dictionary used outside the USA, as of Septemeber 2015 (CSTCWL/CSW/SOWPODS 2015). However some online games and apps havent yet updated their dictionaries and still use an older version.

International 2012 Tournamentis now obsolete, but many online games and apps still use this version (CSTCWL/CSW/SOWPODS 2012).

International 2007 Tournamentis now obsolete, but many online games and apps still use this version (CSTCWL/CSW/SOWPODS 2007).

Genericis our own minimal dictionary which contains only words that are present across all word game dictionaries. This means any words we suggest are likely to be accepted by most games, but we might not always suggest the best words.

If the game you are playing doesnt tell you which dictionary it uses, then it might well be the USA 2014 Merriam-Webster dictionary. If you find were suggesting words which the game doesnt accept, try using the Generic dictionary instead.

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is a word game in which two to four players score points by forming words from individual lettered tiles on a gameboard marked with a 15-by-15 grid. The words are formed across and down in crossword fashion and must appear in a standard more

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