Samsungs Foldable Galaxy X To Launch In January 2019

Samsung appears to be sticking to its usual release schedule next year as the Galaxy S10 is tipped to launch in February during MWC 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S10 To Have Bigger Display Than Note 9

Samsung Galaxy X Wont Just Fold In Half

LG Patents Foldable Smartphone Design

LGs patented foldable smartphone design features a hinge mechanism thats very similar to the one found on the Microsoft Surface Book.

Samsung Galaxy X Housing Bigger Battery Than S9?

Samsung Galaxy X Wont Just Fold In Half

Microsoft Surface Rumored To Have Intel Pentium Processors

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 07/05/18 AT 4:52 AM

The affordable Microsoft Surface tablet is said to have models that are powered by Intels Pentium Silver and Pentium Gold processors.

Niantics Harry Potter Game Might Be Delayed To 2019

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 07/04/18 AT 7:24 PM

Niantic CEO John Hanke said that they want to release Harry Potter: Wizards Unite when its ready, but the developers might need more time if there are bugs or other problems.

New Fingerprint Sensor Can Also Check Temperature

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 07/04/18 AT 7:17 PM

The new fingerprint sensor array can be placed underneath displays, so it becomes invisible to the naked eye.

Amazon Publishing Holiday Toy Catalog

ByCorazon Victorinoon 07/04/18 AT 10:08 AM

The move is seen as Amazons attempt at winning the business following the demise of Toys R Us.

Hyundai Targets Australias Car-Sharing Market

ByCorazon Victorinoon 07/04/18 AT 8:41 AM

Hyundai Motor has invested in Australian car rental company Car Next Door to ensure that its cars would be the first sharing ready vehicles in the land Down Under.

Amazon, Others Prep New Smart Speakers For Second Half Competition

ByCorazon Victorinoon 07/04/18 AT 7:51 AM

Amazon, Microsoft and Google are among the companies who are launching new smart speakers in the second half of 2018.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Could Arrive With Pop-Up Camera

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 07/04/18 AT 6:43 AM

The teaser for the Mi Mix 3 also shows that Xiaomi will launch the device in September.

Samsungs Android Go Phone Not Running Stock Software

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 07/04/18 AT 5:36 AM

Samsungs Android Go phone is said to be called the Galaxy J2 Core, but theres no word yet on when it will be released.

Netflix Testing New Ultra Subscription Plan

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 07/04/18 AT 4:37 AM

The new Ultra plan costs around $20 and allows a maximum of 4 simultaneous streams at 4K HDR.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen Confirmed To Have Bluetooth

ByMike Luceson 07/03/18 AT 10:25 PM

Samsung Galaxy Note 9s S Pen stylus is confirmed to have Bluetooth functionality.

Samsung Galaxy X Housing Bigger Battery Than S9?

ByMike Luceson 07/03/18 AT 10:21 PM

A new report claims Samsungs upcoming Galaxy X foldable phone will come with a bigger battery capacity than the Galaxy S9s 3,000 mAh battery.

Barnes & Noble Fires CEO Over Policy Violations

ByCorazon Victorinoon 07/03/18 AT 8:06 PM

Barnes & Noble has fired CEO Demos Parneros for violating company policies.

Samsung Messages Glitch Randomly Sends Photos To Contacts

ByCorazon Victorinoon 07/03/18 AT 8:00 PM

A Samsung Messages glitch is causing the app to randomly send photos of users to their contacts.

iPad With Face ID Launch Date Imminent

ByCorazon Victorinoon 07/03/18 AT 2:03 PM

Apples iOS 12 update appears to be hinting at the imminent release of iPad tablets with Face ID.

Affordable Microsoft Surface Appears At The FCC

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 07/03/18 AT 1:08 PM

The affordable Microsoft Surface tablet is said to cost around $400.

Fortnite Blockbuster Filmmaking Contest Announced

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 07/03/18 AT 12:53 PM

The grand prize includes 25,000 V-Bucks and the short film will be shown in-game at Risky Reels.

Spotify Users Demand Refunds For Drake Promotion

ByAlex Perryon 07/03/18 AT 12:49 PM

Spotify put Drakes visage all over the app this weekend, and users who did not want to see advertisements want refunds.

LGs Robotics Investments Critical For Company Growth

ByCorazon Victorinoon 07/03/18 AT 10:50 AM

LG has once again made a big investment in robotics as part of its ThinQ strategy.

HTC To Lay Off 1,500 Employees Due To Restructuring

ByCorazon Victorinoon 07/03/18 AT 9:07 AM

Apple is terminating 1,500 employees as it moves away from hardware manufacturing.

Chinese Laser Rifle Capable Of Burning Through Human Skin

ByShubham Sharmaon 07/03/18 AT 8:37 AM

The weapon can burn a hole through human skin and cause pain beyond endurance, researchers behind the new weapon said.

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LG Patents Foldable Smartphone Design

Microsoft Surface Rumored To Have Intel Pentium Processors

Malaysias Najib Pleads Not Guilty To Graft Charges

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