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Timeline for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you think you might have a personal injury claim, you might be wondering what goes on in a typical case, and how long it takes.

A look at medical malpractice lawsuits, common treatment errors, medical malpractice reform efforts, and more.

Get answers to your questions about fault, proof, and insurance after a traffic accident.

Settling Your Personal Injury Claim FAQ

If you are injured in an accident, here are the first steps to take.

Whos at Fault for an Accident FAQ

Injured in an accident? Proving who is responsible for an accident can be tough.

Answers to basic questions about defective product liability claims.

Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Basic Steps

A summary of whats involved in a typical Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Are You Eligible for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

For many debtors, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a good option. But not everyone is eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Deciding if bankruptcy is right for you? Here are answers to your most common questions.

Here are some essential questions to ask yourself.

Police Stops: What to Do If You Are Pulled Over

When a police officer begins to pull you over, what you do and say during a traffic stop can have a huge effect.

Answers to questions on driving outside of your state, driving with a suspended or revoked license, and driving when youre over 65.

Almost every state allows people ticketed for some types of moving violations to attend a six-to-eight hour course in traffic safety in exchange for having the ticket officially wiped from their record.

What Works (and Doesnt Work) in Traffic Court

Choosing the right strategy can help you beat a traffic ticket.

Basics of Drunk and Drugged Driving: A DUI/DWI FAQ

Basic information about driving under the influence (DUI) (also called driving while impaired (DWI)) laws and dealing with a DUI charge.

Learn about the most common alcohol-related offense where the driver is not charged with DUI/DWI.

Unemployment Benefits: What If You Quit?

If you quit a job without good cause, you may not qualify for unemployment benefits.

Meal and Rest Breaks: Your Rights as an Employee

An employees right to take meal and rest breaks depends on state law.

Wrongful Termination: Was Your Firing Illegal?

If youve been fired from your job, do you have grounds to challenge the termination?

Suing for Harassment or Discrimination

Before you can file a harassment or discrimination lawsuit against your employer, you have to bring your complaint to a state or federal agency.

Are your employees entitled to overtime pay? Learn the rules here.

When Can I Apply for U.S. Citizenship?

The five years of permanent residence rule and more guidance on the naturalization process.

Grounds of Deportability: When Legal U.S. Residents Can Be Removed

Whether on a nonimmigrant visa or green card, committing certain acts or crimes can make a person deportable from the U.S.

Difference Between U.S. Green Card and U.S. Citizenship

While both green card holders and citizens can stay in the U.S. indefinitely, there are some major reasons to get U.S. citizenship.

How Long Must I Be Married to a U.S. Citizen to Get U.S. Citizenship?

What needs to happen between when you get married to a U.S. citizen and when you yourself can apply to naturalize?

Whats the Easiest Way to Get a U.S. Green Card?

There are many paths to a U.S. green card, with varying requirements and wait times.

Alimony: What Do I Need to Know Before Divorce?

Learn about how alimony works and what to expect before filing for divorce.

Tax Breaks Every Parent Should Know About

Learn about child tax breaks available to most parents.

The Different Types of Child Custody

Learn the difference between legal custody, physical custody, sole custody and joint custody.

Prenuptial Agreements: Who Needs It and How Do I Make One?

What you need to know if youre considering a prenuptial, or premarital agreement.

Which States Recognize Common Law Marriage?

Learn about common law marriages and find out what states recognize them.

Use your estate plan to leave important instructions about your property, children, and health care.

Most of dont know a lot about the law of wills, trusts, or probate–after all, theyre topics none of us really want to deal with.

Making a Will: Are Lawyers Optional?

Most people dont need a lawyer to make their will. Heres why.

How Much Will a Lawyer Charge to Write Your Will?

You may pay by the hour or by the task.

Many kinds of property — perhaps some of the most valuable things you own — dont necessarily pass through your will. Here are some things you shouldnt expect to accomplish in your will.

Making a Living Trust: Can You Do It Yourself?

Many people dont need a lawyer to create a living trust.

Landlords must take reasonable steps to rerent the place if you break a lease (you wont always be on the hook for rent for the remainder of the lease term).

How Evictions Work: What Renters Need to Know

Landlords cant just lock you out, even if you are behind on rent. They must get a court judgment first.

Mold in Rentals: Landlord Liability, Responsibility, and Prevention

Learn about mold in rental units — your landlords liability for mold problems, how to get rid of mold, and how to prevent mold in the first place.

The Basics of Rent-to-Own Agreements

Learn whether a lease-to-own or lease-option agreement is a good choice for tenants who want to buy the home they rent.

The basics of late rent fees, including limits on how much landlords can charge.

Why You Should File Your Taxes Early

Whether youre owed a refund or not, its a good idea to file your IRS tax return early.

Here are the top personal deductions that remain for individuals under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

If you have children you support, there are two different tax credits you should know about.

Find out if youre eligible for this much simpler filing.