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You can use this page to tell the Wikimedia developers your ideas and issues about using the visual editor: this is the only feedback page actively monitored by WMF staff. TheContributors teamwelcomes your feedback and ideas, especially on user interface decisions and the priorities for adding new features.All comments are read, in any language, but personal replies are not guaranteed: the team will try and go through reports here at least once a week. Need more attention?Report directly in Phabricator.Please note that the Wikimedia Foundation does not provide support for installing VisualEditor on third-party wikis. Please report bugs involving Parsoid atTalk:Parsoidinstead.

You may also want to reada guide to optimize the visual editors experienceon your site, which details work necessary on the community side (such as translating or setting up citation systems).

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VE doesnt respect existing wikitable code

For table cells with short contents it is usually better for wikicode editors to have a whole table row in one wikicode row. However, the VE doesnt respect the existing code style and seems to prefer to create intractable wikicode.

So we could use this new editor in any software.

Yes, weve been working on removing the final core dependency on MediaWiki (related to i18n weve moving over to use jQuery.i18n instead) and hope to have this done in the next few days.

Hows it going with the standalone version?

Hi there, looks like this is something we might ask James about during the next office hour, this Wednesday. Regards,

For more information, seemeta:Office HoursUpcoming office hours.

[23:51:18] James_F A stand-alone client for VisualEditor is effectively built now; we might package it as a clearly distinct thing, but weve split the repos (VisualEditor itself is now in VisualEditor/VisualEditor.git; its just the MediaWiki- and Wikimedia-specific bits that are now in mediawiki/extensions/VisualEditor.git), and given it i18n support through jQuery.i18n (removing the last MediaWiki dependency).

[23:51:46] James_F That said, using VE without a CMS back-end like MediaWiki would be hard.

[23:52:14] James_F VE has ~ 400 files that, thanks to ResourceLoader, are minified and crushed down to just one; going without this would be painful.

[23:52:50] James_F Were optimistic about VE being integrated with other systems (like WordPress or Drupal or …) and would be happy to help anyone who wanted to do that, but were not working on it right now.

[23:53:28] James_F a stand-alone demo we built for VisualEditor that shows the bare-bones version.

@ESanders (WMF), any info you can provide? TY!

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VisualEditor not displaying in MobileView

MediaWiki 1.31 w/ Vector skin and Extension:MobileFrontEnd installed. Viewing on Chrome (Android).

Can confirm VisualEditor works, even when I switch to Desktop view on the same Mobile browser.

But in Mobile View, when I click Edit, the page refreshes to Read.

Pasting distorts the words in the sentence around it.

First open up a page with visual editor

Finally paste it onto another page where the visual editor is already active.

The words got jumbled into a bunch of gibberish. E.g. in thisdiff, Prior to this ban, there were debates was changed to T Prior to teis ban, thre hweredebates

The reference to be pasted properly.

Some pages whenever Visual Editor is open, but occurs randomly.

Google Chrome Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I dont know why this occurred. A fix or workaround would be appreciated. Thanks.

Reply to Words sometimes get messed up when something is pasted

: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_6) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/11.1.1 Safari/605.1.15

URL: nai pas russi affecter une couleur certains mots… ( dfaut jai utilis les caractres gras)

Originally reported in October 2017here.

Is there any way to stop VisualEditor scrolling the page down when inserting a hyperlink, as in this screenshot:? If not, can there at least be an option made for it? Its slower to work with and harder to immediately click on the first result.

which browser are you experiencing this with ? And have you tried disabling gadgets/userscripts and browser extensions ?

@TheDJIt is my understanding that this is a feature of VisualEditor. When you attempt to insert a hyperlink, the page scrolls down to fit the entire dropdown menu on the screen. It also moves when the dropdown menu is closed. This happens in any browser or operating system (bare Chrome- and Firefox-tested).

Numerous bugs (including major ones) on the Wikipedia VisualEditor feedback page have been so far unanswered:

As it says at the top of that page, it is not officially supported any longer, although I sometimes check in if I have a few minutes (I dont think that anyone else does). Thank you for bringing your concerns here.

@Whatamidoing (WMF)Im aware of the notice at the top of the page, but I had usually got replies on my posts there. Either way, some of these are serious bugs and should be addressed. Would it be better if I reposted each bug as a separate issue here?

Yes, bringing them here increases the speed at which theyll be seen, compared to posting them at WP:VEF on the English Wikipedia. But your bug reports seem to be pretty well-explained, so maybe youd like to post them directly to the bug tracking system? Its not very different from describing them on wiki, and some of the devs watch the incoming formal bug reports closely. If youre interested, let me know, and Ill explain the process.

@Whatamidoing (WMF)Im not sure how Id transclude the info I put in theVE Bug2template to the Phabricator form.

Templates wont work, but you can write the relevant parts free-form.How to report a bughas some advice. I often follow this pattern:

followed by anything that seems relevant, such as your web browser and OS (a detail that the devs always appreciate, even if it turns out not to be important for that bug), a diff showing the problem or a page where you encountered it, and whether you have tried to reproduce it.

Also, its really easy to add screenshots to Phabricator. Make a screenshot (however your computer does that) and drag it into the middle of whatever youre typing. It does everything automagically from there.

Im using VisualEditor on my wiki for an accesibility purpose. Im stuck with a little issue:

Im usingExtension_talk:Labeled_Section_Transclusionand so I havesection tags like this in my pages, then when something is edited with VE even if it doesnt concern section tags its wrapped like thisnowikisection …/nowiki. I guess VE is doing this beacause its really close to HTML tags but thats not the case and that breaks my section transclusions.

I found a topic asking about a similar problem but I dont understand how to manage this:Topic:S2xrifmwk4q0inaa

Also note thatExtension_talk:Labeled_Section_Transclusiondoesnt support syntaxes liketag:sectionparamsthat would also be a way to solve the problem.

Is there any way to whitelistsection tags or something like this ?

NoteĀ : When VE loads page contents it showssection tags in text content as if it was only text & with wikitextEditor there is no problem

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Weird fuzzy effect when typing in the new source code editor

In the 2017 source code editor (I think thats what its called – the one that works with VisualEditor), sometimes when typing in text that goes towards the edge of the screen, the text near the end of each line gets a bit fuzzy with what looks like a misaligned shadow.Heres a screenshot of one example.

Im on macOS 10.13.5, and this screenshot was taken in Firefox Developer Edition 61, but Ive also had this issue in the latest stable Chrome. Thanks!

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JavaScript error when trying to create a post in Wikipedia:Teahouse


I tried to create a post in Wikipedia:Teahouse using the Click here to ask a question button in the page. When I did that a JavaScript error showed up as a message similar to how CentralNotice messages show up in the side. The message stated about a TypeError.