US Legal Forms vs LegalZoom Which Online ServiceSite IBetter?

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US Legal Forms vs LegalZoom: Which Online Legal Services Site Is Better?

So, you need to file some legal paperwork, but are not sure which site to use. Were here to help. BothUS Legal FormsandLegalZoomhave excellent options and qualities, but each stands out in its own way. Weve broken out the most important aspects of each site and compared them side-by-side to help you make a more informed decision when choosing between US Legal Forms and LegalZoom.

1. Number of legal forms:No one in the online legal services space can hold a candle toUS Legal Forms vast library of legal forms. They even have a form if you need to file a complaint for misrepresentation of a Dairy Herd Feeding System, which is a pretty obscure form to need. Not to say thatLegalZoomdoesnt have a healthy amount of forms to choose from, but its nothing compared to US Legal Forms.

2. Usability:If you have no legal background whatsoever, usingLegalZoomis probably the way you want to go. They have a simple, easy-to-use interface that is especially helpful for those that dont have any experience with legal documents. Plus, LegalZoom will file most forms for you. For most documents,US Legal Formsonly allows you to download the forms and then fill them out and file them yourself, which can be confusing for those of us without a law degree.

3. Price:Its a little difficult to compare the pricing of the two sites because they offer such different things. Most of the forms onUS Legal Formsare fairly cheap, but thats because you dont get any support in filling out the forms like you do on LegalZoom. US Legal Forms does help you fill out forms for incorporating your business, and those prices are much higher thanLegalZoom. So, if you are just looking for forms, US Legal Forms is cheaper. If you need help with incorporation or filling out other forms, LegalZoom is cheaper.

3. Customer service:Both have superior customer service.LegalZoomhas a more extensive help page and more options for help, but their phone number can be confusing as it initially directs you to a paid Legal Formshas a smaller help page, but their phone number directs you straight to a human who helps you with your issues, which is a big plus in our books.

The bottom line is that if you need help filling out your forms, then you should pickLegalZoomfor all your legal needs. If you know which forms you need and how to fill them out, then you should go withUS Legal Forms, especially if the form you need is obscure or hard to find. To read our reviews of both services and compare them and other online legal services side-by-side, check out ourcompare page here.

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Id stick with US Legal Forms, theyre more affordable and still just as reliable as LegalZoom. Seems to me LegalZoom is just getting so big and well-known they can charge these fees, however there are so many other online legal services out there that can do just the same, for half the price.

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